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Our people

Board support

Rob, South Coast Blaze Admin Manager

Rob Vergano

Secretary and Independent Member

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Peter Franke

Independent Member

Lisa McCrohon, U23s Team Manager, South Coast Blaze

Lisa McCrohon

Operations Manager and TIP Coordinator

Emma Boyd, South Coast Blaze

Emma Boyd

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2024 Coach and Management Team

Alex McNeil U23s Trainee Coach

Alex McNeil

U23s Trainee Coach


Amanda Newcombe

Opens Team Manager

Heather Smith, Opens Assistant Coach, South Coast Blaze

Heather Smith

U23s Head Coach

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Kerrie Wallace

U23s Assistant Coach

Maria Lynch, High Performance Manager, South Coast Blaze

Maria Lynch

High Performance Manager and TIP Head Coach

Marj Parr, Opens Head Coach, South Coast Blaze

Marji Parr

Opens Co-Head Coach


Merryn Connolly

Opens Co-Head Coach

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Samantha Scholte

U23s Team Manager

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Stephanie Harrison

U23s Assistant Coach