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Lesley Connolly

Deputy Chair & CDNA Rep

Home Association: Campbelltown District Netball Association (CDNA)

Lesley is the Board member representing Campbelltown District Netball Association. She assists South Coast Blaze committee decisions and general operations, regularly attends meetings, and promotes South Coast Blaze within the CDNA. Having played netball for 40 years and filled significant roles in her netball community including Coach, Club and CDNA committee member, Lesley brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to #OurBlaze.

Lesley helps to:

  • Promote Blaze within CDNA and create more player opportunities, especially for 16 years coming out of junior reps.
  • Assist others on the committee to reduce their workload, particularly during the season peak times.

Why you love being part of the South Coast Blaze
Blaze is a young entity which is continuously growing, developing and improving. Blaze is open to new ideas and the one dream, one team” Moto is felt throughout players, committee and fans. Being part of Blaze feels like we are providing even more opportunities to all netballers, which is the ultimate goal. It’s all about the players, not the politics.

Your advice for younger athletes who would like to play for the Blaze/Representative Netball one day?
Work hard, nail the basics and do it because you love the game. Doubt killed more dreams than failure ever could!

Fun Facts – Something on your bucket list
To see the Northern Lights.

Something people may not know about you
I love watching Football (soccer) almost as much as netball.

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