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Lisa McCrohon

Operations Manager and TIP Coordinator

Lisa has a wealth of experience managing netball teams over many years, coming to Blaze from UTS Sparks where she was the U23s Premier League team manager in 2019.

Taking on many roles at Blaze, Lisa’s knowledge, experience and service is invaluable to the franchise. Some of her duties include attend training twice a week and games once per week and managing team game data and analysis, along with attending coaching meetings, NNSW meetings, Association meetings, and strategy planning sessions. She also manages uniforms and merchandise planning.

Fun Facts

Something on your bucket list
Travel throughout Europe as soon as I can.

Your favourite movie and why
Love Actually – great feel good movie, fantastic soundtrack and I never get tired of watching it.

Your favourite sporting hero and why
I have many inspirational sporting heroes but someone who inspires me on a personal and sporting level is Bethany Hamilton. Bethan was a young surfer who lost her left arm after being bitten by a shark in 2003. She taught herself to surf with one arm, and ultimately reached the professional ranks and went on to win several pro events. She is the ultimate example of someone who never gave up and came back from tremendous physical and mental adversity .