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2023 Blaze Home Game Wrapped

2023 Blaze Home Game Wrapped

Article by Maddie Arnold

Our IMB South Coast Blaze teams had their long awaited home game last week on the 15th of July at the Illawarra Sports Stadium, playing in front of their home crowd and a sold out stadium for round 16 of the Netball NSW Premier League.

Tickets were released early in the lead-up to this game and disappeared even quicker as
Blaze fans, friends and family waited in anticipation to see the u23’s and Opens teams play
the UTS Sparks in their territory and what exciting games they were! The crowds brought an
energy that was unmatched with their support, encouragement and cheers for the Blaze
teams creating an atmosphere like no other.

The u23’s Head coach, Heather Smith commented on the positive atmosphere created by
their Blaze fans and said that she couldn’t be prouder of the girls.

“The home crowd definitely had an impact. The girls were fired up for it and eager to
impress, which they did,” She said.

The planning that went into this home game from the Blaze coaches and officials did not go
unnoticed with food and activities for all ages. One step in the door showed kids lined up for
face paint in the foyer alongside cut-outs of Blaze’s very own players, a poster making
station and a grazing platter to show appreciation for all those who give back to Blaze in any
way, shape or form.

Adding to this positive atmosphere, there were quarter break dance offs, poster competitions
and a shoot off, as well as our hard-working volunteers giving up their free time outside the
games running the canteen and bbq, and in addition to this, the South Coast Blaze’s IMB
sponsors showed their support with their very own station, giveaway prizes and mascot to
cheer on the girls.

All of these aspects of the night contributed to what was an amazing experience for both the
fans watching and our Blaze teams playing as the 23’s team fed off the atmosphere and
came out firing, ending their game with fantastic performances from players and a win under
their belts, and the Opens playing a fantastic game themselves, working hard with intensity
but unfortunately unable to secure the win in their game.

Despite this, the positive club culture was in full swing and both Blaze teams and fans
contributed to what was an amazing home game.