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Emma and Mia on fire in NSW U17 team

Emma and Mia on fire in NSW U17 team

IMB South Coast Blaze is thrilled to have not one but two Blaze players represent NSW in the U17 State Team this year, U23s training partner Emma Keane and player Mia Evans!

Emma, who hails from Shoalhaven Netball Association and now plays for an Illawarra District Netball Association Metro team, was selected in the NSW team earlier this year and is a strong mid-courter and shooter with amazing speed and agility. Mia, Blaze’s 2020 Rookie of the Year who comes from Illawarra District Netball Association, stepped into the NSW team last month and dominates in Goal Attack and Goal Shooter, but is also a dynamic midcourter. 

Now although Emma and Mia weren’t able to play in the National Championships this year due to the pandemic, we wanted to pay tribute to their achievement so we asked them some questions regarding their time training with the NSW team and if they had any tips for players.


What was your favourite part about training with the NSW team? 

Mia: My favourite part about training with the NSW team was learning about new skills that I could apply into my game and being surrounded by my teammates who encouraged me to do my best at training.

Emma: My favourite thing about training was the amazing environment and support that everyone in the team brought. I loved working with such a talented group of girls and the most experienced coaches and staff.


What was the best thing you learnt throughout this experience? 

Emma: The best thing I learnt was to make the most out of every session and to use your weaknesses as the best way to learn new things.

Mia: I have learnt to never give up and always keep your mind open because you never know what might happen if you don’t give it a go.


What would be your tips for upcoming players who want to play representative netball one day? 

Mia: My tips would be always play to the best of your ability because you never know who is watching you, have fun and enjoy the process and resilience is the key to success. 

Emma: My tips for players would be to stay determined to reach their goals and give 100% but also enjoy every moment through the journey.


What is your best tip for shooters?

Mia: My number one tip for shooters would be to never give up, even if you miss a few shots it is better to keep trying then to stop.

What are your best tips for midcourt players?

Emma: My tips for mid-courters would be to get to know who you’re playing with, such as knowing their style of play, where they like the ball or what they like to do. Another big tip is always having a plan. No matter who you are playing with, you must be on the same page.


How did you feel when you were selected into the NSW team?

Emma: I was so excited and could not believe it. I don’t think it really sunk in until a few days later. It had been a dream for such a long time and for it to finally come true was just an incredible feeling. 


How did you feel when you were asked to step into the NSW team?

Mia: When I got the call that I had made the team I was so excited!! I had always dreamed of playing for NSW and this was my chance to show who I am as a player.


We are so proud of both Emma and Mia for making the NSW U17 team and look forward to seeing them back on the court soon!

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