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South Coast Blaze at the Heart Kids cup

South Coast Blaze at the Heart Kids cup

Last week on Saturday 17 February, South Coast Blaze participated in the annual Heart Kids Cup charity event organised by Orange and Baulkham Hills associations.

Heart Kids is a non-for-profit organisation which focuses on supporting and advocating for those impacted by childhood heart disease in Australia.

Both South Coast Blaze’s U23s and Opens teams were present to participate in this event, giving them the opportunity to raise awareness for the cause whilst preparing themselves for the 2024 season ahead.

With matches played out against ACT, GWS, ERNA, North Shore United, Canberra and Sutherland stingrays, both Blaze teams had a big day ahead of them with the Opens team concluding the day with three wins and three losses, an experience which Opens Captain Abbey McFadden said was great to get the girls ready for their upcoming premier league season.

“It really was a great day participating in the Heart Kids Cup,” McFadden said.

“Seeing so many teams come together to support an amazing cause added much more purpose and meaning to the games and it was so great to step back on the court with both familiar and new faces in the team.”

South Coast Blaze’s Opens team at the Heart Kids Cup

The U23s team added to Blaze’s achievements by coming out on top and bringing home the 1st place medal in their division at the end of the day instilling a new confidence in the team which Captain Charlotte Bulmer said will be beneficial for the girls heading into their upcoming season.

“Not only was it a fantastic charity that gave Blaze the chance to have a hit out on the court, but it provided a determination and fire within the team for what is to come in 2024,” Bulmer said.

South Coast Blaze’s U23s team at the Heart Kids Cup

The U23s Coach Heather Smith also found the day to be very beneficial for the teams as she said she sees a growing potential in her athletes.

“It was great to get the team out on the court and back into the red dress to start to build those connections,” Smith said.

“The U23s playing combinations are shaping up to be a promising team with their strong progress across the cup event and it was such a great opportunity to support a great day for a cause close to my own heart. It was very special.”

U23s Coach Heather Smith with Granddaughter Immy at the Heart Kids Cup

The Heart Kids cup was a chance to represent an important cause as well as put into practice the things both Blaze teams have been working on in their pre-season training to prepare the athletes for the 2024 NSW premier league season beginning on 22 March.