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South Coast Blaze & Campbelltown District Netball Association Clinic

South Coast Blaze & Campbelltown District Netball Association Clinic

Under bright blue April skies the Blaze Premier League visited Campbelltown District Netball Association to deliver our annual skills programs to our partner association members on Sunday 14th April.

Held at the Minto courts, the Blaze clinic offered 65 CDNA players aged 10-15 years an opportunity to experience the Blaze coaching and training environment.

“This is our fourth year partnering with CDNA and we are so excited to see so many familiar faces returning for our annual Blaze skills clinic. Coming back to do local clinics are a highlight of our season and an important part of our commitment to giving back to local communities and partner associations” Opens Vice Captain, Kristina Brice said

Led by Opens Co Head Coach Merryn Connolly and Blaze athletes Kristina Brice, Courtney Jones, Unique Pritchard, Liesl Hopoate, Tahlia Robertson and Lachlan Arbuckle, the clinic ran for 2.5 hours and focussed on fundamental netball skills and teamwork.

The CDNA players worked hard in a fun and inclusive environment with lots of helpful netball tips, plenty of smiles and high fives being shared all round.

Merryn Connolly, also a former Campbelltown coach commented, “It was great to see Blaze athletes return to their grassroots to work with the CDNA players”.

Current U23 player and Campbelltown junior, Leisl Hopoate said, “The Blaze clinics are so important because we focus on having fun, making friends, building confidence and growing your netball passion while improving your on-court game”.

A big thanks to the CDNA Executive for allowing Blaze to visit and a big shout out to all the amazing talented Campbelltown players who took part in the program.

For all the latest Premier League action tune in this Wednesday from 7pm as Blaze take on Penrith Panthers.