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Match Report – Round 3: South Coast Blaze v Central Coast Heart

Match Report – Round 3: South Coast Blaze v Central Coast Heart

Pictured: Opens GS Kristina Brice beats Heart defenders to take a high ball under the ring

In round 3 it was a battle of the Coasts, with the South Coast Blaze and Central Coast Heart U23s and Opens teams all looking to back up their wins from round 2 after a week for Easter break.

Fortunately, Blaze came out on top in both games, with each team securing their second win for the season.


Blaze Opens had a great start with Goal Attack Shelby Mallon and Goal Shooter Kristina Brice using the shooter to shooter pass to their advantage. Some good defensive pressure and tips from Blaze Goal Defence Aisha Bower and Goal Keeper Tegan Holland pushed Blaze ahead by four, with the first quarter score 14-10.

In the second quarter, a few errors from Heart and solid rebounds from Holland helped the ball go Blaze’s way, pushing the margin out to 8. A few Blaze attacking errors kept Heart in the hunt but Blaze kept their lead going into halftime, 29-20.

Heart’s attack settled in the third half. However, Blaze were on a roll and managed to hold out Heart, even with Lauren Moore, who also plays for the Giants, moving out to Goal Defence for Heart and picking off a few Blaze passes. In the end Heart’s attack couldn’t keep the ball and Blaze’s lead extended to 40-30.

Heart’s shooting and some bad passes around the circle didn’t do them any favours in the final quarter. Down the other end quick circle feeds and no-look passes from Blaze Centre Katelyn Anderson and Wing Attack Taylor Davies kept the Heart defence on their feet. Blaze were just too far ahead in the end and took thew win.

Final Score: Blaze 54 – Panther 43

Round 3 Gallery – Opens v Heart


Blaze v Heart

Blaze 49 – Panthers 45

Blaze 54 – Panthers 43


Blaze had a solid start going goal for goal with Heart. A few errors from Heart and strong rebounds from Blaze Goal Keeper Emma Mateo saw Blaze pick up a 3 goal lead. Blaze Goal Shooter Ky-Mani Schwenke dominated the circle with Goal Attack Mia Evans, seeing Blaze go into the first break up 14-9.

In the second quarter Heart capitalised on some Blaze missed passes and scored the first seven goals, creeping ahead of Blaze for the first time 17-16. Both teams had a few wayward passes back and forth, but Blaze managed to pull ahead again by 5, as new combination Goal Shooter Papi Alaalatoa and Goal Attack Mania Mete settled in. At halftime, the score was 27-22 with Blaze in front.

Blaze started the third quarter firing, pushing the lead out to 8. However a few forced passes by Blaze attack helped Heart come back within 3. Some poor feeds by Heart into the circle and tight Blaze defence, including good hands over the ball, helped Blaze regain control with the third quarter score 41-32 to Blaze.

Blaze kept up the intensity going into the fourth quarter with Blaze Goal Shooter Alaalatoa taking some great passes and sinking goals around the circle. Some Blaze errors like stepping calls and overthrows then allowed Heart to get back in the game bringing the margin to 3 goals again. However, Blaze managed to hold on for the win.

Final Score: Blaze 49 – Heart 45

Round 3 Gallery – U23s v Heart